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Bridge Engineering - Condition Surveys and Bi-ennial Inspections


HAL is MTO RAQS-approved under Bridge Engineering - Condition Surveys & Bi-ennial Specialty categories and provides detailed condition surveys of bridges, culverts and other concrete structures by utilizing aerial work platforms, bucket truck and bridgemaster.

As a trusted partner in bridge inspections, our commitment to excellence and safety shines through every evaluation. At HAL, we bring together a team of skilled engineers who utilize cutting-edge technologies to conduct thorough and precise assessments of bridge structures. 

Our dedication to transparency, adherence to regulations, and proactive problem-solving set us apart as a reliable choice for ensuring the integrity of critical transportation infrastructures. 

We understand the significance of bridges in connecting communities and facilitating smooth transportation. Building lasting relationships with our clients is our priority, as we collaborate closely, communicate transparently, and deliver comprehensive reports that empower informed decision-making. 

Trust is at the core of our approach, and we take pride in being the go-to partner for bridge inspections, contributing to the safety, longevity, and resilience of vital links in our infrastructure network.

Our team is qualified and experienced to carry out:


  • Detailed Bridge Condition Surveys

  • Detailed visual and enhanced OSIM inspections

  • Concrete and asphalt coring

  • Cover meter surveys and AC resistance testing

  • Post-tensioning tendon duct inspections

  • Asbestos sampling  of bridge component 

  • Taking sawn samples and concrete cores for laboratory testing

  • Half-cell potential method for verification of active corrosion.

All HAL’s field staff has successfully completed Fall Protection Training and Confined Space Training, Traffic control (Book 7), Aerial and bucket truck training, GO-Safe Railway Orientation, CN safety.

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