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Clients from a variety of markets and industries rely on HAL professionals to listen to their needs, inform them of all available options, and develop a solution that delivers value. Our engineers, and materials scientists bring their collective expertise to every project, along with lessons learned from previous investigations. Chances are we've seen the problem before. If not, no firm is more qualified to break new ground to find a practical, innovative, and technically sound solution.


HAL understands the myriad challenges faced by building owners and managers, and we're committed to developing long-term, cost-effective maintenance plans and repair solutions that protect their significant investments. From new construction to preservation of historic landmarks, our engineers, architects, and materials scientists evaluate existing conditions, conduct design reviews, and develop innovative yet economical maintenance and repair strategies to improve performance and serviceability of all types of buildings, including:


Civic and Government


WJE provides dedicated engineering support and specialized testing services for all sectors across the energy market to ensure mechanical integrity, extend the service life of equipment, and protect life and the environment. With decades of experience in the design, analysis, and evaluation of all types of equipment in the process industry, WJE uses proven tools and methods as well as industry best practices to address fitness-for-service concerns, provide rapid response services and turnaround support, and prevent equipment failures. With our deep industry knowledge and advanced in-house metallurgical and materials laboratories, we deliver superior engineering solutions for a full range of energy sources that power our world:

Oil and Gas
Power Generation
Metallurgy and Applied Mechanics
Downstream and Process Industries
Fracture Mechanics Assessment and Fitness For Service
Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis


The world relies on infrastructure to drive economic growth and maintain the health and well-being of an ever-growing population. WJE engineers, architects, and materials scientists contribute their expertise every day to properly designing, constructing, and maintaining critical infrastructure assets of all types and sizes. Our team of experts work closely with infrastructure owners or as significant contributors to large engineering design teams to verify that future capital investments are put to the best possible use and that risks are minimized. WJE provides professional services for the following types of structures:

Bridges, Pavement, and Tunnels
Water and Wastewater


WJE has been at the forefront of new construction technology testing and research for six decades. Our Janney Technical Center—a 70,000-square-foot testing and applied research facility—is one of the largest and most comprehensive private construction laboratories in North America. WJE also has laboratories at its Austin and Cleveland offices as well. Leveraging state-of-the-art in-house testing capabilities, WJE is uniquely positioned to evaluate materials and systems, study design and repair methodologies, and develop best practices, building codes, and standards. Through partnerships with industry organizations, government agencies, and private-sector clients, WJE professionals are committed to finding better solutions for the built world.


WJE professionals work on more than 8,000 construction-related projects each year and are experts in dealing with the risks and complexities of the construction process. Applying specialized engineering and architectural knowledge with more than sixty years of construction experience, WJE helps contractors and owners anticipate and safeguard against unknown conditions as well as efficiently troubleshoot issues when they arise.

A safe, accident-free construction environment is our first priority. Supported by a dedicated in-house safety team, our professionals are regularly trained in risk determination and management, sustaining an OSHA Experience Modification Rate (EMR) less than .70 for the past five years.

No matter our role on the project team, WJE works closely with contractors and other team members to develop designs that meet contract specifications, provide on-site troubleshooting and risk mitigation, and leverage skills and in-house resources to economically and efficiently bring construction projects to completion.

Our professional services for the construction industry include:

Construction Engineering
Construction Observation and Troubleshooting
Repair and Rehabilitation


WJE understands that mitigating the risks in industrial applications that could damage production and minimizing downtime for manufacturing equipment is critical to improving safety, increasing productivity, and maximizing operations. Using risk-based inspection methodologies, our engineers and materials scientists protect the integrity of manufacturing systems and facilities as well as other industrial applications at all stages of the life cycle, ensuring continuation of service and cost-effectiveness. We offer professional services for the following types of industrial structures:

Silos and Tanks

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