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Failure/Advanced Analysis


In many instances, improved structural or equipment performance is obtained by material enhancements. HAL's comprehensive engineering experience provides the basis for addressing today's most complex material problems. Such experience is vital in joining materials (welding, bolting) and the fabrication of connections-an area where many failures occur.

Accurate fracture and failure analysis requires extensive experience and technical capability. Understanding the mechanisms or root cause of a failure generally solves not only the short term operational problems but, if properly performed, can lead to structural or equipment performance improvements in the following sectors: 

•    Nuclear and fossil generation power plants
•    Commercial plants and industrial sites
•    Municipal bridges and tunnels
•    Industrial cranes, steam and gas turbines, and refinery equipment
•    Railroad engine wheel, carriages, and tracks
•    Above and below grade pipelines and pressure vessels
•    Medical devices

Tests and simulation mock-ups are used to solve engineering problems or to assess material, component or system integration performance. Our capabilities enable testing to be performed either at laboratory facility, or if necessary at the client site.

HAL provides a diverse range of material and corrosion engineering capabilities to support our clients. Our focus is not only to identify mechanism and cause of damage or corrosion, but to provide effective mitigation and prevention recommendations. This expertise and capability is utilized not only by our clients following identification of a problem, but providing insight in the process of design, and materials selection.

Our expertise provides valuable insight throughout a component or system life cycle, including operations and maintenance.

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