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Nondestructive Engineering


HAL offers nondestructive testing (NDT) of structures and infrastructure to assist our clients in an array of applications including: condition assessment of structures, delineating the extent of damage of faulty construction, determining the conformity of plans and specifications, load-rating and structural analyses, and forensic criminal investigations. Our firm employs a broad range of NDT methods as an integral part of forensic investigations of concrete structures and construction engineering services.

The success of any NDT investigation begins with understanding the underlying problem and determining the appropriate NDT approach to arrive at a comprehensive solution.

HAL utilizes a full spectrum of NDT evaluation methods and applies them to a variety of assignments. Using NDT techniques, our engineers have investigated construction materials such as concrete, masonry, stone, wood and steel. Our NDT engineers have been developing and refining the applications of NDT to assist a wide range of clients, which include: government agencies, law enforcement, owners, engineers, contractors, and researchers.


Our NDT capabilities have been developed from a thorough understanding of the technology employed and the experience gained through a broad range of field assignments.

Our team of engineering specialists and experts can travel anywhere in Ontario to perform on-site inspections and offer in-depth insight into the often-complex problems of deteriorating concrete structures. HAL’s investigation techniques and methodologies used are always adapted in scope according to the complexity, type, and size of the structure being investigated.


  • Ultrasonic Shear Wave Tomography (UST) 

  • Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR)

  • Impact-Echo Testing (IE)  

  • Infrared Thermography (IR)

  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV)      

  • Electromagnetic Covermeter (Metal Detectors)

  • Schmidt Hammer (Rebound Hammer)

  • Sounding (Hammer and Chain Dragging)

  • Visual Inspection and Condition Assessment

  • Corrosion Assessment

         - Half-Cell Potential
         - Depth of Carbonation Test



  • Bridges

  • Sports Arenas

  • Roads & Streets

  • Highways

  • Parking Garages

  • High-Rise Buildings

  • Historic Preservation

  • Residential Buildings

  • Commercial Building

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