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Warranty, Insurance & Litigation Support


HAL provides a wide range of services in support of litigation and insurance subrogation. We recognize that litigation may be a possible outcome of an investigation. We always employ our technical expertise with speed, accuracy and discretion.

Our team of industry experts assists our clients in all phases of the litigation process. We provide solid technical advice and background to help our clients establish their technical position. We organize the collection of pertinent data and provide guidance in the discovery process. We can perform technical calculations, conduct field walkdowns, design and conduct laboratory tests.

HAL often works with other technical experts and can coordinate the efforts of large teams. Our approach is results centered, yet flexible enough to consider and deal with opposing opinion with open minds.

We understand the importance of clear and concise communications. We provide communications consulting, including preparation of reports and exhibits, creation of forensic 2-D and 3-D animations, and technical advice to counsel and deponents. In court and in depositions, our expert witnesses deliver their testimony with poise and clarity. 

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