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Concrete Scanning and Imaging


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a safe, extremely fast, and accurate tool we use to locate materials within a concrete structure.

GPR emits electromagnetic energies through a concrete slab, and this energy travels until it hits an object within the concrete. A majority of the energy is reflected off the object and is then returned to an antenna receiver. The amount of signal return is dependent on the object’s dielectric make-up; the higher the dielectric constant, the higher return of signal. Older concrete and plastics generally have a low dielectric constant and a low signal return, while steel, water, and mineral-rich mediums have a high dielectric constant and a higher return of signal.

Radar can help reduce the time and money spent on a project because they only require access to one side of the concrete, and we can cover more ground quickly in a project with a radar.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is commonly used to locate / detect:

– Rebar
– Reinforcing Steel
– Electrical Conduits
– Water Lines
– Post-Tension Cables
– Fiber Optic Telecommunication Lines
– Presence and Extent of Voids within the Concrete

When you schedule a technician to perform a Concrete Scanning at your jobsite, you choose peace of mind knowing that your jobsite has been scanned and analyzed prior to starting work. The lightweight and compact Concrete Scanning equipment is used with ease in otherwise impossible-to-reach areas like under stairways, narrow passages, vertical walls and ceilings.

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