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Construction Materials Engineering


When materials fail, structures can fail or become damaged. HAL's materials scientists provide comprehensive consulting services for the evaluation and testing of construction materials—both new and old. 

The combination of comprehensive materials science expertise with engineering capabilities uniquely positions and qualifies us to deliver innovative yet sound solutions to construction materials problems.


HAL is uniquely qualified to provide the following services: 

  • Concrete maturity modeling and estimate concrete’s in-place strength in real time

  • Smart concrete maturity monitoring for earlier post-tensioning procedures, removal of formwork and earlier application of heavy loads (e.g., traffic or multi-story construction)

  • Real-time monitoring and modeling of concrete temperature

  • Quality control research and development

  • Engineering investigations

  • Non-destructive testing including covermeter survey and Schmidt hammer testing

  • Materials engineering design and review

  • Construction materials testing and inspection

  • Construction observations

  • Forensic evaluations

  • Damage, deterioration and failure analysis

  • In-situ materials evaluation

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