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Advanced Structural
Inspection & Condition

For engineers and owners,
deteriorating bridges and
concrete structures represent a
major safety issue as well as
imposing a growing financial
burden. It is therefore imperative
to find cost-effective solutions to
investigate and optimize the
maintenance of existing

Field Survey

Component and Structural Field Monitoring and Instrumentation

HAL provides field monitoring
and necessary instrumentation for
measuring and recording
vibrations, displacements,
pressures and strain for building,
bridges, rail and transit, process
piping and equipment.


Difficult Access and
Drone Survey

Buildings, bridges, and other
structures require periodic
condition surveys and,
occasionally, emergency
inspections. Traditional access
methods may be impractical or
inadequate given the
configuration of the structure, its
location, historic sensitivity, or
time and safety constraints.


CCTV Inspections

CCTV inspections are an
extremely significant part of the
sewer industry. Unknown
sewer/drain problems can cause
serious back-ups. A video
inspection can determine the
exact problem area and save you
money on repairs.


Observation and

Deficient structures are too often
traced back to interconnected
problems: a flawed design that
was faithfully implemented and/or
a technically sound design that
was poorly implemented. HAL’s
goal in every project is to
properly implement a technically
sound design.


Pile Integrity Tests

A pile is a slender element cast in
the ground or driven into it. Since
pile construction as well as the
final product are mostly invisible,
engineers have often questioned
their integrity, i.e. their
compliance with project drawings
and specifications.


Parking Garage

Building owners have relied on
HAL to perform condition
surveys, exploratory excavation
and provide cost-effective
solutions to their parking
restoration needs. To
accommodate our clients, we
provide the following services:

2020-07-14 12.09.18.jpg

Concrete Scanning and

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
is a safe, extremely fast, and
accurate tool we use to locate
materials within a concrete
GPR emits electromagnetic
energies through a concrete slab,
and this energy travels until it hits
an object within the concrete.


Traffic Control Services

HAL offers traffic control services
including non-freeway single lane
closures, multiple lane closures,
two-way flagging operations.
Assist with ingress/egress from
the work area, and flag
pedestrians and vehicles to
ensure a safe completion to the
project. Set and leave closures
are also available if desired.


Concrete and Asphalt

Concrete coring and drilling are
most often used when you need
to extract a sample from concrete
structures or asphalt pavements.
We can drill holes at any angle in
dimensions of ¼” to 24” in
diameter, and at depths to your


Test Pit Excavations

Trial pits are used to recover
large bulk samples of soil or
where thorough visual
examination of the strata is
required. The principal advantage
of this method compared with
light-cable percussion drilling or
window sampling is the relative
speed with which the work can
be carried out.

2020-03-11 10.00.35.jpg

Soil sampling and obtaining SPT values using 70-lb hammer

Our highly trained and experienced field crew is available to drill hand-boreloles.


For exceptional portability in soil sampling and obtaining SPT values, HAL is equipped with 70 pounds hammer and the required equipments to drill hand-boreloles.



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