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Shotcrete Technology 


The shotcrete process has grown into an important and widely used construction technique. Shotcrete is a mortar or high-performance concrete conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a backing surface. It is the force of this spraying action that leads to compaction of the concrete or mortar which then forms layers of concrete to the required thickness.

Pre-construction mockup panels are used to qualify the shotcrete nozzleman, crew, equipment, and material. It takes a complete, experienced team for a successful concrete project using shotcrete placement. 

The purpose of preconstruction testing is to ensure the shotcrete work will achieve the following objectives:

  • The shotcrete placement can properly encase the reinforcement given the reinforcement design (size, spacing, and amount)

  • The material meets the project specifications

  • The finish will meet the owner's expectations 

The pre-construction mockup panels should represent the most difficult-to-shoot part of the proposed project. This will often be the sections with the most congested reinforcing, large or irregular shaped block-outs or embeds, or a complicated geometry. 

HAL services include : 

  • Reviewing and monitoring Preconstruction test panels  that are used to qualify the shotcrete nozzleman, crew, equipment, and material

  • Core grading for the evaluation of shotcrete cores taken from preconstruction mock-up panels.

  • Shotcrete testing, including panel sampling and on-site placement monitoring

  • Quality assurance and control activities.

  • Oversee qualification and quality control testing of hardened shotcrete.

  • Site troubleshooting and surveillance services during shotcrete placement to ensure specification compliance.

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