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Quality is our top priority

Repair and Maintenance Services

We focus on delivering practical, innovative, and technically sound solutions across all areas of new and existing construction.

  • Concrete restoration

  • Parking Garage repairs

  • Structural Strengthening and repairs

  • Stairwell repairs

  • Concrete Protection

  • Expansion joint repairs

  • Concrete waterproofing

  • Concrete Repair

Client Satisfaction

Any company’s success depends on repeat business from clients who expect quality work. HAL knows this and doesn’t take client relationships for granted, and continuously works on improving the ability to meet each client’s specific needs.

We Solve Problems

HAL is widely recognized for unmatched experience, technical expertise, and the ability to respond quickly to the demands of every project. 

Innovative Solutions

HAL is a trusted repair and maintenance contractor with the staff, equipment, and expertise to help our clients find solutions that provide long-term value. We can help owners save money by extending the life of structures with proven maintenance treatments that also beautify the surface and improve safety of the structures.

HAL integrates innovative solutions into its specialty repair and maintenance services for commercial, transportation, industrial and residential jobsites. 

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