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Quality Verification Engineering (QVE)


Quality Verification Engineering (QVE) plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success and compliance of infrastructure projects, particularly those tendered by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). QVE services are conducted by professional engineers who meticulously review and assess specific components of the work to guarantee alignment with the contract requirements.

In adherence to the rigorous standards set by the Ministry of Transportation, a QVE conducts a thorough evaluation to ascertain that the work meets the specified criteria and regulations. Upon confirming that the work has indeed fulfilled the contract requirements, the QVE issues a Certificate of Conformance. This official document serves as a testament to the quality and adherence to standards achieved in the completion of the project's components.

The Certificate of Conformance holds significant value, serving as tangible evidence of the meticulous QVE scrutiny and affirming that the completed work meets the rigorous standards outlined in the contract documents. This process not only ensures the integrity and safety of infrastructure projects but also instills confidence in stakeholders that the work has been executed to the highest engineering standards mandated by the Ministry of Transportation.

HAL Quality Verification Engineering (QVE) services encompass a comprehensive review of diverse activities within the construction and infrastructure sector. At HAL, we specialize in ensuring the highest quality standards in the following key areas:

  1. Steel Fabrication and Erection Inspection:

    • Thorough inspection of bridges, signs, and light poles during the fabrication and erection stages.

  2. Verification of Lifted Girders:

    • Assessing lifted girders against design loads, including self-weight, wind pressure, and other relevant factors.

  3. Temporary Erection/Bracing:

    • Evaluation of temporary erection and bracing of main girders to ensure structural stability.

  4. Main Girders Installation:

    • Overseeing the installation process of main girders and their connections.

  5. Installation of Cross Beams, Braces, Wind-Braces:

    • Quality verification for the installation of cross beams, braces, wind-braces, and their connections.

  6. Reinforcement & Pouring of Concrete Deck:

    • Ensuring the proper reinforcement and pouring of concrete decks to meet design specifications.

  7. Girders for Temporary or Permanent Approach Slab:

    • Quality assessment for girders used in temporary or permanent approach slabs.

  8. Approach Slab Reinforcement & Pouring:

    • Verifying the reinforcement and pouring processes for approach slabs.

  9. Installation of Bolts & Visual Inspection of Welds:

    • Oversight of bolt installation using methods such as Turn-of-the-nut or Slip Critical Connections, along with visual inspection of welds.

  10. Witness of Bridge Jacking Procedures:

    • Monitoring and witnessing bridge jacking procedures to ensure precision and safety.

  11. Construction of Foundations, Deep Foundations:

    • Quality verification for the construction of foundations, including piles and caissons.

  12. Construction/Installation of Piers:

    • Overseeing the construction and installation processes of piers to ensure structural integrity.

  13. Construction/Installation of Pier Caps:

    • Ensuring the quality of construction and installation of pier caps for stability and longevity.

At HAL, we are dedicated to delivering meticulous Quality Verification Engineering services, providing our clients with the confidence that their projects adhere to the highest industry standards at every stage of development.

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